Welcome to Faxtone!
  • Highly secure, HIPAA compliant digital fax service.
  • Say goodbye to fax machines, telephone lines, and paper - reduced carbon footprint.
  • Make your faxes available all the time, from anywhere - your office, hospital, or home.
  • Integrate your Faxtone account with any EHR
  • Send HIPAA compliant, secure faxes from your email account and web portal.
  • Receive faxes to your email account and web portal.
  • Smart phone app to send and receive faxes from your iPhone/iPad and Android.
  • Your fax number will never be busy. Multiple faxes can be received simultaneously.
  • No Downloads, No installations, No hassle!!
Send faxes from any smart phone using Faxtone Secure Fax Service




By simply accessing your secure email you can view office faxes anytime, anywhere. In addition, you can send faxes from your email or web-portal. Faxtone secure fax service enables you to easily send faxes to multiple recipients, receive faxes from multiple fax numbers and customize all your faxes. Best of all, Faxtone secure fax service saves you time and money while enhancing your faxing experience.

Easy-to-use Faxtone enables your business to conveniently send and receive faxes practically from anywhere. Subscribe, set it up and start sending and receiving secure faxes within minutes!

Features and Advantages of Faxtone, the Secure Fax Service

  • No telephone line, fax machine, or fax modem required.
  • Enhanced productivity. No need to print documents to fax them. Send directly from computer.
  • User-friendly service.
  • Cost-effective operations – Save time, labor, and money.
  • Close to 100% reliability, High scalability.
  • Fax line is never busy!. Number of fax messages from different senders can be received simultaneously.
  • Send and receive faxes via email, website, API Fax from your desktop and smart phone.
  • Secure and compliant: SSL encryption for the online fax and API fax interfaces
  • Email fax server-to-server TLS/SSL encryption support, Email fax PGP support

  • Secure fax - 30-day money back guarantee
    • Incoming email fax is password protected PDF. (in case that email account is not HIPAA compliant)
    • Unlimited users/emails that you create at no additional per-user fee.
    • Unlimited folders that you create and manage for storing all of your faxes at no additional fee.
  • Capability to create fax lists for automated faxing and to find a contact quickly. including CSV file upload list creation.
  • Upload CSV file for contact list creation.
  • Outbound fax status notification via web site and/or email on a per-job basis. Download status to CSV from our web site for offline analysis.
  • A custom cover sheet logo can be added to personalize your faxes.
  • Ability to forward received faxes automatically to multiple users' email addresses on a per-fax-number basis.

Free Secure & HIPAA compliant email account with each Secure Fax subscription

MDofficeMail Secure Email Account

for convenient, secure, and HIPAA compliant faxing through email, Email-to-fax and Fax-to-email


Free porting of your exisitng fax number

Port your existing fax number for FREE

Move your fax service to Faxtone for FREE!! There will be NO interruption in service.

Secure fax

Legal Archival:

When Faxtone is used along with MDofficeMail, all the received and sent
secure fax messages are archived in a remote secure server.
These messages can't be edited or deleted.

Faxtone plans start from $3.15/mo. No long term contract required.
Sending/receiving faxes will be as low as $0.04 per page
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