User-friendly and secure features that make Faxtone a pleasure-to-use HIPAA Fax service.
  • Clean, easy to use Faxtone Web portal.
  • Multiple documents can be attached to each fax, combination of all our supported document types.
  • No telephone or fax machine or fax modem required.
  • Enhanced productivity. No need to print documents to fax them. Send them directly from computer.
  • User-friendly service.
  • Faxes can be received either in .pdf or .tiff format.
  • Cost-effective operations – Save time, labor and money.
  • Close to100% reliability, High scalability.
  • Unlimited users can be created in each account. Each user can send and receive faxes from their own email account.
  • Never busy!. Number of fax messages from different senders can be received simultaneously.
  • Send and receive faxes via email, website, API Fax from your desktop and smart phone.
  • Secure and compliant: SSL encryption for the online fax and API fax interfaces
  • Email fax server-to-server TLS/SSL encryption support, Email fax PGP support
  • Incoming faxes to non-MDofficeMail email accounts are encrypted automatically, which can be viewed and downloaded securely.
  • Unlimited folders to sort and store your faxes on the web-portal.
  • Fax status notification of all sent faxes via web site and/or email..
  • Different cover sheet designs to choose from. Your logo can be added to cover sheet to customize your faxes.
  • Forward received faxes to multiple email ids on a per-fax-number basis.
  • Ability to automatically forward received faxes to multiple users' email ids on a per-fax-number basis.
  • Access control on a per-user and per-line basis for enhanced security.
  • Ability to automatically forward received faxes to multiple users' email ids on a per-fax-number basis.
  • Incoming faxes are automatically stored in the Faxtone web portal as well as emailed to you via our secure email to fax system.
  • Each Faxtone accounts can support multiple fax numbers. Each fax number can be accessed securely with it's own user name and password.
  • Customized faxes can be composed from Faxtone Web-portal with/without cover sheet, with/without disclaimer, desired from fax number etc.
  • User-specific Contacts list can be maintained in the Faxtone Web-portal. Just select the recipient/s, attach documents and send fax!
  • Add digital signature to your fax message!!. Copy the saved image of your signature, copy and paste it on to the cover-sheet. It is that easy!!
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